Slammed by Colleen Hoover - My Thoughts

Slammed - Colleen Hoover

Slammed deals with quite a few heavy themes. It has lots of heart-warming moments, and equally, lots of heart-breaking moments. I did like the book, and I had quite a few tears at certain moments (I won’t go into those in detail, not to spoil the story for anyone who hasn't read it yet.)


But there was something that just kept me from flipping out and falling head over heels with it. I felt that all of the issues that were being dealt with in the book were addressed, but not in the detail that could have been entered into. It kind of felt a little too balanced if that makes sense. Everything blended together almost too well, with some things not popping out the way they could have done. Don’t get me wrong, I felt the emotions, I got the characters and I liked the story-line, but I just felt a little extra detail here and there would have pushed the book into awesomeness.